Monday, November 12, 2012

This Just In: I Blogged

Just in case anyone still remembers that I have a blog or that I am still alive, I actually did post yesterday. Just not on THIS blog. But I did post. In case you're interested. I have taken an extended break because I thought I had nothing to say, but after some reflection it turns out I do. Have something to say, I mean.

Read all about it on The Brass Rag.

In other words, click on that underlined thingy up there ^ and read my post on someone else's blog.

And then stay tuned for more stuff from me. On my own blog.


David Marshall Miller said...

Wow. Life sounds good. Glad you enjoyed your trip. Yes life can leave us topsy turvy at times. But jesus is our gyroscope. Amen.
Ps congrats on the weight loss. Superhuman effort that ammount. Give yourself a trophy.

Shari said...

Stumbled upon your blog. Your story is interesting, and I also know the problems of the doctors "practicing medicine."

Keep writing!

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